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QualifyLogix provides turn-key ready-to-implement real-time credit qualification services with very little, if any, development work. With direct credit agency integrations, QualifyLogix allows partners to immediately sell and build their own soft pull products, generating additional revenue and profit streams.

Partner Benefits:

  • Cost Plus per Soft Pull Model, Volume-scale pricing, and Flexible use cases.
  • Quick and easy dealer onboarding from one single B2B partner.
  • White-labeled platform with access to consumer credit files, messages, calls, and more.
  • Customizable and responsive forms with built-in communication features.
  • Attribution, conversion reporting and analytic integrations.

Dealer Benefits:

  • A “complete” consumer credit file plus identity and address verification and fraud/risk alerts.
  • The Credit file also includes employment information with complete account information and history.
  • More communication features and implementation methods to increase conversion.
  • Increase high-value lead opportunities and sales closing percentage for less cost.
  • Includes dealer branded customization and programmable success pages.

Trusted Vendor

Trusted Vendor for Ford Dealers and Lincoln Retailers


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Pre-Qualification Solutions


Enhance the consumer’s online vehicle shopping experience and provide high-value pre-qualified leads directly to your dealer clients. Available to implement on any online consumer form or utilize our pre-built lead system with integrated features like programmable text and email responses, marketing content, and advanced reporting.


Partner Benefits:

  • Customized Form Fields and Content.

  • Text enabled Tracking Number and QR code.

Partner Benefits:

  • Full Compliant Disclaimers and Disclosures.

  • Customizable JS Button to open modal form.

Includes a Creative Banner Package


Calculate Credit Perfect Payments in real-time with the consumer’s actual credit score. ScoreSelect provides the choice of FICO model or Vantage score and recalculates payments without the need to credential the dealer. The new payments are personalized to the consumer’s credit score utilizing Offerlogix’s APILogix API.

CreditDrive + ScoreSelect

CreditDrive, in conjunction with ScoreSelect, pulls a consumers’ credit file and delivers the lead to the dealer through MyCreditDrive, but also recalculates the vehicle payments with the selected credit score. Get the best of both worlds, and provide the customer with an enhanced research and purchase experience.


My CreditDrive System

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